How Soon Is Too Soon To Propose?

How Soon Is Too Soon To Propose?

Are you in a relationship and serious about settling down with your partner? Then it is expected that you have questions that you need answers to. One such question is how soon is too soon to propose and get married.

Frankly, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to answering the question of when you both should get engaged. However, some tips and time-frames shared here will help you know the perfect time to offer or accept that proposal (or engagement) ring and get ready for marriage.

The Ideal Time Frame for Proposing to Your Partner

Let’s get one thing established before stating a timeframe. It is that getting married and staying married takes commitment. Proposing, planning the wedding, and doing other related events when you both are truly ready is no complete guarantee for successful married life.

However, timing during courtship is equally important as this is an important phase in your love life. This is why our relationship team at Alzdem Health advises dating for at least one year. Some extra months north of one year is usually even better.

The whole point is for every couple to know each other well enough. This is to the point they are sure the decision to get married and/or even start a family is logical. But why is spending time getting to know each other is best for marriage in the long run? Read on to find out the answers to this question.

Why Spend Enough Time in Relationships Before Deciding to Propose and Get Married?

Going into marriage is a big decision, but not necessarily a bad one. It would turn out to be a good decision if you settle down with the right partner and commitment not lacking from both partners.

Some things that make a marriage successful. Some of them are better sorted out when couples are in their dating phase. Fixing those things after the dating stage can be very difficult.

This is why people must be willing to wait and fix certain things before making this big decision. To further buttress this point, some of the reasons it is best to wait long enough before you propose to that person and go into marriage include the following:

  • It takes more than just love
  • You need to be aware of the eventual realities
  • It involves more than just two people

One after the other, let’s shed light on these few but important reasons.

Why Spend Enough Time in Relationships Before Deciding to Propose and Get Married?

Love Is Not Enough

Of course, you feel like you love your partner. However, that you feel this way during the dating period can cloud your judgment. This is because there would be habits you do not appreciate about that person.

Unfortunately, the decision to let your partner know those things might not interest you initially. However, this would sort itself out with time. As you wait during the dating stage and spend time with each other, you both will be open to being very frank with each other.

For one, you need to spend enough time to the point where you have seen your partner at his/her worst. At least, do not propose or start a family until this has happened because you will see more of that in marriage.

You Need to Talk about Important Moments

Do not be caught up in the moment that you forget or are ignorant that marriage is a future deal. So, talk about things that are likely to come up eventually. On this note, finances, sex, family interference, pregnancy, and kids need to be discussed. For one, you should learn more about things like pregnancy before settling down with your partner.

For example, pregnancy can leave you with extra weight even after delivery. You both should be prepared to deal with that. For the record, there are safe ways to lose significant weight in a month.

You Need to Know Important People in Your Partner’s Life

The mistake many people make is thinking marriage is only about two people. It is way more than that (and this is not just about the kids that will come along the way). Every person has important and influential people in their life.

Before proposing and going into marriage, you need to meet those friends, family members, colleagues, and loved ones at large. This is because it will also be about them to a certain level. For more love life and expert relationship tips, you can find details that would help on the Lifestyle section of the Alzdem Health website.

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