How to Gain Weight for Females

How to Gain Weight for Females

The internet and many other platforms are littered with resources for losing excess weight. This is quite understandable as many people have gathered so much body fat, thanks to excessive calorie intake. Some people are even particular about losing excess weight on their face.

But the reverse is the case for some people. Rather than weight loss goals, their goal is to gain more weight. This is because they are underweight. Well, we discuss below some tips to help women gain more body weight.

Strategies for Gaining Weight for Women

Several factors might be responsible for weight loss. However, there are three strategies to help you gain more body fat and they are:

  • Diet – This is about paying attention to the foods you eat; when you have your meals; and how you eat your food.
  • Exercise – Exercise can play a key role in achieving your weight gain goals
  • Lifestyle Adjustment – targeted at weight loss and healthy living

There are a bunch of subjects to be discussed under every one of these 3 strategies. Let’s go over them in the next section.

Tips to Help Women Gain More Weight

In light of the strategies mentioned above and in no particular order, listed and explained below are tips to help women gain more body fat:

Do Not Confine Yourself to Three Square Meals

Who says it has to be three square meals only? No, it doesn’t have to be that way. Get into the lifestyle habit of eating as many times as possible. This will help in achieving your weight gain goals.

This is because you will be able to get more calories. This is even if you are eating in bit sizes. Eating a calorie-rich snack every day will also help you gain more weight. A lot of snacks around you are rich in calories. So make the most of them but eat healthy options. Your overall health equally matters.

Do Not Settle for Solo Meals

This means that your food intake should have lots of variety. For instance, you can add some cheese and sausage to your bread and scrambled eggs. You get more calories for additional fat by doing this. Add some protein and other nutrients to your carbohydrates. Do not just settle for solo meals.

Avoid Appetite Suppressing Lifestyle Habits

Some lifestyle habits that you indulge in can suppress your appetite. As a result, you will not have the urge to eat. Some of them include:

  • Drinking water (especially lots of it) before eating your meal
  • Smoking and/or consuming alcohol
  • Trying to finish so much food at a go
  • Sticking only to high-calorie solid food – You should also add or resort to liquid foods like milk and smoothies. This is especially those that have high amounts of calories
  • Using appetite suppressing products that suppress your desire to eat meals – Phentermine 37.5 appetite suppressant is a good example

All these appetite suppressants will deter you from achieving your body fat-gaining goals. Nutrition is very important for achieving your weight gain goals. So, be deliberate about gaining more weight through proper nutrition.

Indulge in Things that Boost Your Desire for Food

Indulge in Things that Boost Your Desire for Food

Some things can boost your desire for more food. Some of them include the following:


Exercise does not only help in building muscle. Other than muscle building, exercise leaves you exhausted and eager to consume lots of calories. So, you should try exercising each day. It is best if it is before food intake.

Spicing Up Your Food

You feel more motivated to eat when the food tastes and smells good. So, make the most of spices and condiments that have a rich amount of calories.


For women (and even men) trying to add more pounds to their body weight, we have shared some helpful tips. It is good if you implement them and watch yourself add more pounds to your body weight. You can also check out the lifestyle section of Alzdem Health for more lifestyle information for healthy living.

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