When Can I Start Eating After Magnesium Citrate?

When Can I Start Eating After Magnesium Citrate?

In light of how Magnesium Citrate does work and its effects on the body, people need to pay attention to drug compatibility. What this means is that there are certain diets and drugs you should stay away from even as you drink your bottle of magnesium citrate, or take supplements (or products) containing magnesium citrate. In the spirit of getting your body in the right state, you also need to eat at the right time after using magnesium citrate.

Why You Take It Determines a Lot

To shed further light on this subject, when and what you eat after taking magnesium citrate is determined by the reason for taking it. For example, for those taking such medications for the sake of treating constipation, the rules are different when compared to those taking them in preparation for a colonoscopy procedure. You should keep reading this article to learn more about this subject.

For Treatment of Constipation or Raising Magnesium Levels

As a result of how magnesium citrate can ease bowel movement and activities in the stomach, it can help in the treatment of constipation. Raising water levels in the colon and intestines at large is one crucial way it helps ease bowel movement in the stomach.

But there are some possible and even likely side effects. The experience of having stool output in larger volumes is one such side effect.

This experience can last for as long as 6 hours depending on how long the magnesium citrate stays in your body and other factors. In some rare cases, it can go on for as long as 8 hours. At the very least, people that use magnesium citrate will experience this for 1 hour. Consuming (especially) regular diets immediately after taking your bottle of magnesium citrate can cause pain.

For this reason, the advice is to stay off any food for between 6 to 8 hours after using this medicine. If you must take anything before this timeframe elapses, try waiting as long as you can and make it a clear liquid diet. Some examples of a clear liquid diet include:

  • Soups like broth, consommé, and bouillon
  • Hot tea, coffee, or iced tea without milk or cream
  • Sports drinks such as Powerade and Gatorade
  • Soft drinks such as root beer, ginger ale, and club soda

Nothing (including the options listed above) should be taken if they have a red or purple color. Also, stay away from alcohol.

It is quite understandable how people use magnesium citrate to boost magnesium levels. For the most part, it would work. But considering the content of this version of magnesium, options like magnesium – oxide or protein plus; might be better.

For the record, nursing moms and those who have started showing pregnancy are not advised to take magnesium citrate. This is because of the possible effects on the health of the mother and child.

For Treatment of Constipation or Raising Magnesium Levels

For Colonoscopy

Magnesium citrate is a laxative. It falls into the class of laxative medications known as saline laxatives. For this reason, it is used a lot for preparing people for the colonoscopy procedure. For those that have used magnesium citrate as a laxative to prepare them for this medical procedure, when and what they should eat depends on how close they are to the procedure.

But here is the rule of thumb. It is that the closer they get to the time of the procedure, the more they get to stay away from regular diets or even any diets at all.

Our Recommendations Are Based on Aggregate Study

There will always be peculiarities as far as medical and health issues are concerned. As a result, the best help that this medical text can offer is sharing information based on an aggregate study.

To be very clear, the best answer (solution) to the question that this article poses is getting your doctor to decide when and what to eat –  before and after taking magnesium citrate. Medically speaking, no one is in a better position to offer this information than a doctor or pharmacist.

So, call your doctor or pharmacist and have them talk to you about the right timing for eating after taking this drug (medicine). This will also help you know the right dose for this medication based on your individual health needs. For more health-related information, you can see the nutrition section of the Alzdem Health website.

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