Can You Take Tums While Pregnant?

Can You Take Tums While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a very sensitive state. The demands it places on the body of pregnant women make it this way. The likelihood of experiencing heartburn is an experience for roughly one out of two pregnant women. To deal with pregnancy-associated heartburn, the question is if pregnant women can use antacids like Tums. You should read on for answers to this question.

The Relationship between Pregnant Women and Heartburn

Even pregnant women without prior history of heartburn can have heartburn symptoms during pregnancy. Hormonal changes are one of the reasons for this and other pregnancy-related symptoms like morning sickness. But other than this, the increasing pressure on the stomach while pregnancy progresses is another reason.

This is as reflux gastric acid may be forced upwards towards the esophagus. These are just two of the possible reasons. To deal with the effects of pregnancy-induced heartburn, some pregnant women turn to drugs that help with heartburn relief.

Can Pregnant Women Use Antacids For Heartburn Relief?

They should only consider using antacids that have the right ingredients. An option like Tums is considered safe. This is because its primary ingredient – Calcium carbonate is good for pregnant ladies and even benefits them.

Other than this, Tums antacids are full of both common and special ingredients that are considered safe. This is why Tums is likely one of the antacids recommended by your doctor, as it is considered one of the best for pregnant women.

Be that as it may, you should not abuse its use. This is because excessive amounts of its calcium carbonate content (especially) during pregnancy can cause:

  • More kidney stones – This affects the smooth functioning of the kidney or even damages it
  • Constipation
  • Poor absorption of zinc and iron nutrients from foods that contain these nutrients

Bearing this in mind, you should stick to the recommended dosage. Avoid the urge to take more Tums antacid than you should. Antacids like these should strictly be seen as medication. If you feel the need to take more, speak with your healthcare service provider.

Furthermore, it is best if Tums antacids are taken a few hours before other medications and even meals. This is to avoid complications caused by drug incompatibility. Besides, this is also why you should consult your doctor before using drugs during pregnancy. The essence is to make guided decisions.

Can Pregnant Women Use Antacids For Heartburn Relief?

Over-the-Counter Antacids that You Should Avoid

Other than knowing things like when the pregnancy bump will start showing, there are important things to know about pregnancy. One of such is medications that are not safe during pregnancy.

As mentioned earlier, the pregnancy state is a sensitive one. So, ladies need to be mindful of the OTC (over-the-counter) drugs that they take during pregnancy. This is to make sure the health of the pregnant woman and the baby is unharmed.

For the record, some medications are capable of bypassing the placenta and adversely affecting the baby. So, caution is of the essence. This is why only the right antacids should be used. It is for this reason that this antacid by the Tums brand is recommended.

On the other hand, several antacids are nowhere safe for pregnant ladies. The best way to know them is by examining their ingredients. On that note, antacids with the following ingredients should be avoided (especially) during pregnancy:

  • Magnesium Trisilicate
  • Aluminum
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Bismuth Subsalicylate
  • Aspirin

These are common ingredients used by some brands in making these OTC drugs. They are not safe for use during pregnancy and so, you should avoid them.


Whether it is for the treatment of indigestion or heartburn, you should be careful of the medications you take especially during pregnancy. This is to keep the baby and mother fine. We have examined Tums in this article and discovered it is safe for use during pregnancy. However, the prescribed dosage should be strictly adhered to.

Other than this, there are natural ways to relieve pregnancy-induced heartburn. For the most part, they center on eating the right food and doing so at the right time. You can see the welfare section of the Alzdem Health website for more related information.

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