How Do I Tell Him I’m Pregnant with his Baby?

How Do I Tell Him I'm Pregnant with his Baby?

Are you pregnant with a baby growing in that womb of yours? Then you certainly did not do it alone (except you are the second mystical Mary). So, you most likely will have to tell the prospective father – your boyfriend, partner, husband, or fiancé (as the case may be in the relationship) about the big news.

Easier to Tell Him You’re Pregnant if it Is a Planned Pregnancy

How difficult or easy the announcement of your pregnancy would be is determined by several factors. For one, is it an unplanned or planned pregnancy? Usually, it would be best if it is a planned pregnancy.

A planned pregnancy means that you and your partner are already open to the idea of having a child, and ready to have one. This would help as the prospective father – your partner, husband, boyfriend, or fiancé; is not likely going to feel frightened, disappointed, and a whole bunch of other negative feelings.

First things first, before the announcement of a planned pregnancy, be very sure you are pregnant with his child. This is to avoid dashing the hope of the expectant dad after raising it. A test like a Pelvic exam and other tests can help you find out for certainty.

If you are very certain you are pregnant, then the goal would be to surprise your partner with a message delivered in a creative manner. Of course, he is expecting a time like this when telling him the pregnancy news will happen.

However, there are still fun ways you can have that pregnancy conversation. These are ways that would have your partner reliving joyful images of the time you told him about the pregnancy every time he is with his cute child.

For example, you can decide not to talk directly about being pregnant. You may not even send a text message initially. Here is a good idea and one of the creative ways a pregnant woman told her partner (seeing that she has more than one baby for him).

She bought him a bowl of his favorite chocolate ice cream and put one grapefruit inside the bowl of chocolate. After having it concealed, she offered it to him without his knowledge of what had transpired.

The husband had that chocolate to the point where he saw it and asked why a grapefruit was inside his bowl of chocolate. Then she said, “That’s how you put your baby inside me. I’m pregnant darling”. We’ll leave you guessing how he showed his excitement at this planned pregnancy.

This is a good idea of how to share and surprise your partner with the pregnancy announcement. But there are other creative things you can do as well. Just as men can be creative with how to propose, women should be creative with how to tell their partner they are pregnant with the planned baby.

Tips for Telling Him You’re Pregnant if it Is an Unplanned Pregnancy

Tips for Telling Him You’re Pregnant if it Is an Unplanned Pregnancy

To be quite fair, questions that center on this subject are often asked. This is because the same rules do not apply if it is unplanned. You may have to be prepared for the worst (depending on who your partner is). First, have answers to certain questions like:

  • I’m I willing to keep this baby and face uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness?
  • Will my partner be willing to go into family life with me?
  • I’m I willing to start a family with my partner?
  • How involved am I willing to let my partner be until birth and afterward?
  • Will the baby be open for adoption or fully mine?

Answers to all these and more will help you figure out your next step. That includes if or how to have the pregnancy conversation with your partner. But by and large, here are some brief tips if you finally make sense of telling him that you are pregnant:

Tell Him at the Right Place

You do not want to tell him in a bad atmosphere. For example, at a place that is crowded and noisy. Like it or not, the atmosphere matters (especially if the pregnancy is unplanned).  Sending him a text message might also not cut it as this is a conversation better had in person.

Tell Him at the Right Time

This is more about his mood. Having a baby is a good thing, but it can come at the wrong time. That is the complication of an unplanned pregnancy. It alters a lot and the least you can do is give him this news at that best (or least worst) time.

Be Prepared for Any Eventuality

It is possible that the prospective father – your partner, husband, boyfriend, or fiancé; cannot get a hold of himself when the announcement is first given. So, he might react harshly and disappointingly. So, prepare for this and give him time to process the news. For more relationship and lifestyle information, you can see the lifestyle section of the Alzdem Health website.

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