When Do You Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

When Do You Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

There is no specific time women begin to feel hot during pregnancy. However, it usually falls between the 8th to 20th week of being pregnant. For the most part, pregnant women start to feel this heat in their first trimester. So, it is pretty early.

There are several factors responsible for this pregnancy-induced feeling and they will be discussed in this article. So, read on to be well informed.

About Heat During Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman, seeing your body temperature rise is normal. This is why it is good to know when pregnant women start showing pregnancy and plan ahead of time for these changes. The temperature rise is a result of several things that pregnancy now opens your body to. So, there may be no cause for alarm.

Be that as it may, you need to take certain measures that help cool down your temperature. This is so that you do not experience dangerous levels of overheating that can harm your health and that of your baby.  Against this backdrop, here are some tips to avoid and properly manage the heat:

  • Take note of the weather and create a conducive atmosphere – Allow fresh air in when it is night and keep the place air-tight in the daytime. This is to make sure the weather does not trigger sweating
  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated – Dehydration (insufficient water in the body) can trigger a rise in body temperature. Insufficient water in the body can also cause a drop in blood pressure and volume. Worst still is that the baby and your skin can be adversely affected. You should also know that water flushes away body toxins to a great extent. So, drink lots of water
  • Sleep well – Your body has less work to do when you sleep. So, rather than stay active most of the time, make sure you sleep well
  • Avoid hot environments and items – These include hot tubs, hot baths, saunas, heating pads, and electric blanket
  • Use natural solutions like coconut oil and peppermint oil

These are just some of the tips to avoid and manage heat when you are in this state. Make sure to take these tips seriously up until you give birth.

Reasons Why Pregnant Women Are Likely to Feel Hot During Pregnancy

Reasons Why Pregnant Women Are Likely to Feel Hot During Pregnancy

Several things come with pregnancy. Some of them are uncomfortable but they are considered worth it. This is for the joy of carrying the baby in the woman’s body.

Other than feeling hot, morning sickness is one of the other signs and symptoms commonly felt during pregnancy. So, it is not just pregnancy-associated heat involved. Some of the reasons why women feel hot during pregnancy (including heat flashes) are:

Hormonal Changes

Or better still, we could just say hormonal imbalances. This is because there are alterations in how the hormones now work. As a result, the hot temperature is one of the resultant effects.

A Very Busy Heart

Until birth, the presence of the baby in the womb places some demands. One such is an increase in the blood volume in the body. As a result, the heart is now tasked with doing more than it usually does. Well, that pregnant women feel hot is a sign that the heart is carrying out such an enormous task. So, you should find ways to cool your temperature. We have shared some tips to help out above.

Extended Vessels

We did mention how pregnancy’s effects on the heart are a factor that causes heat during this time. But before then, the blood vessels start paying the price. This is as these vessels become more extended because of the increased volume of this life’s fluid involved.

As a result, there is a proximity between the skin and the fast-flowing blood. This causes women to feel heat associated with pregnancy.


Having read this article up till this point, you are now well informed about when, why, and how to deal with pregnant women feeling hot. You should make good use of this information going forward. Beyond this, you can see the welfare section of the Alzdem Health website for related articles.

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