How to Get Hair Dye off Skin When Dried without Rubbing Alcohol

How to Get Hair Dye off Skin When Dried without Rubbing Alcohol

The colorful effects of hair dye can make your hair look even better and add amazing color to your hair. However, the problem is how hair dye can stain other parts of your body where they are not needed. Getting the hair dye stain off can be very difficult.

This is especially if/when it has become dry. A very dry hair dye stain can seem like a permanent thing but you can remove it. It is very possible to clean any part of your skin as you remove hair dye stains.

The good news is that this is possible even without the use of alcohol (which can have adverse effects on the skin). Read on as here in the lifestyle section of the Alzdem Health website, we discuss the best ways to wipe off hair dye stains. This is even without the use of alcohol as will be shown in this article.

Dye Stain Removal Options

There is more than one effective method that will help you remove dye stains. However, take note that some of them are more gentle approaches than others. In no particular order, some of the ways to remove a dye stain without the use of alcohol include the following:

Olive Oil

The amazing thing about this option is how it can be used by people with sensitive skin. It can even be used on sensitive skin areas like the neck and face. To use this method the best way possible, you would need:

  • Cotton ball (wool or pad)
  • Olive Oil
  • Bandage

You can start by cleaning the affected area in the skin with water (and possibly soap). Wash thoroughly with your hands and rinse afterward.

The next step would be to apply the olive oil using the cotton ball (wool). We advise that you rub the affected area with an olive oil-soaked cotton ball.

After rubbing, just apply a reasonable amount on the affected area and secure it with a bandage. This should be for between 6 to a little over 8 hours. The bandage will help prevent the dye you remove from staining somewhere else or something else.

By the way, olive oil is used for a wide range of reasons. For example, it can help people lose so much weight because of its monounsaturated fats features.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover

Let’s start with a note of warning. This should not be an option if the face is the affected part. The hairline, other parts of the face, and parts like the neck are too sensitive to deal with the effects of nail polish remover. Also, the nail polish remover method might not be a method to be considered by those with sensitive skin.

Just as nail remover is effective enough to help remove nail polish, it can help clean dye-stained skin. Just apply its content to the affected area just like with the method discussed above.

However, you do not need to secure it with a bandage and wait long hours. This option is so potent that the stain should start coming off quickly. However, you would need to do some rubbing to get everything out.


Apply a reasonable amount of gel-free toothpaste on the stained area. The next step is to use your finger or (preferably) a cotton ball (wool or pad) to rub the stained area.

Afterward, apply a small amount of the gel-free toothpaste to the dye-stained area and wait for between 5 – 10 minutes. Once the time is up, rinse the stained part. It is best to use warm water because it is more effective for cleaning purposes.

Baking Soda and Dish Soap Combo

The goal is to take advantage of the combined effects of baking soda and dish soap (preferably something with gentle effects). Baking soda has exfoliating features. On the other hand, dish soap is capable of dissolving the dye.

You are to form a paste-like solution by mixing the baking soda and dish detergent. This paste-like solution is then to be applied to the affected area of the skin. Do some thorough (but not harmful) rubbing and end up rinsing with water. Just as explained above, using warm water is preferable.

Frankly, there are many other ways to deal with dried dye stains on a person’s skin. Some of them as seen on platforms like Wikihow (with jpg images included) include the use of:

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Makeup remover
  • Baby oil or coconut oil
  • Vinegar
  • Chemical exfoliants

For more lifestyle-related information, you can see the lifestyle section of the Alzdem Health website. For example, you can find out how soon is too soon to propose to your partner.

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