How Many Calories Are in Watermelon?

How Many Calories Are in Watermelon?

The need to lose excess body fat has led so many people to use appetite-suppressing medications. Phentermine 37.5 is a good example. For health reasons, going all natural about your weight loss goal is the right approach.

This is why you should turn to fruits and healthy nutrition at large. Watermelon can help a lot because of its low amount of calories. Read on, as we discuss this and a few other subjects.

Watermelon – The Ideal Amount of Calories to Support Weight Loss Goals

Eating fruits is one of the common recommendations for body fat reduction. Speaking of fat loss, watermelon comes in very handy. The reason is that the amount of calories it contains is very low; compared to several other fruits, food, and diet at large. To put things in perspective, you get between 30 – 46 calories in one cup of diced watermelon.

The calorie intake you would eat from watermelon will be more if consumed in some other form. Let’s do further study to understand better:

  • The calories in a 6 to 7 percent sliced serving of the entire watermelon are about 80 – 90 calories
  • You will have around 71 calories for every 1 cup of its juicy extract
  • You will have around 30 calories for every 100 grams of watermelon

This is unlike some other fruits, foods, and nutrition sources with a high amount of calories. You also get a rich amount of vitamins by eating watermelon. Getting a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, and several other vitamins are some of its nutritional and health benefits.

How Watermelon Is Made Up of its Low Calories

How Watermelon Is Made Up of its Low Calories

If you guessed that watermelon contains a large amount of water because of its name WATERMELON, then you are absolutely right. Approximately 94% of what makes up a watermelon is water. There are very few options that come close to watermelon in this regard. Some of them include:

  • Grapefruit (approximately 90%)
  • Tomato (approximately 94%)
  • Strawberries (approximately 91%)
  • Cantaloupe (approximately 90%)

Other than how options like watermelon impact positively on your – blood, heart, and support disease prevention (such as cancer); they are great options for staying hydrated. Having made this clear, here are the things that make up the low calories in watermelon:

  • Fat – 4 percent
  • Protein – 7 percent
  • Carbs (in the form of natural sugar options such as fructose, glucose, and sucrose) – 89 percent

Some plant compounds are also part of what makes up watermelon. Most notable among these plant compounds are:


For starters, no other veggie or fruit offers as much lycopene as watermelon fruit. It has a high amount of lycopene that you can consume daily. This is the compound responsible for giving watermelon that rich red color.

Although not the best option when searching for options with antioxidant features, this compound is one of the reasons watermelon offers the bit that it does. Because of the lycopene in this fruit, you can also enjoy all the benefits of vitamin A. Also worth knowing is that lycopene helps protect and support the performance of the heart.


Citrulline is an amino acid in the watermelon fruit. Boosting one’s energy levels is one of the benefits of consuming citrulline in watermelons and other forms. This is especially by positively impacting the blood. By and large, you can lose weight in a month by making the most of watermelons.


Because it contains a very low amount of calories, watermelon fruit is one to be consumed daily or frequently, for the actualization of weight loss goals. This is coupled with the fact that it offers so many health benefits. With watermelons, you can enjoy:

  • The benefits of being hydrated
  • An improved immune system
  • Proper regulation of blood pressure
  • Boosted energy levels by preventing or easing muscle fatigue

These are just a few of the health benefits as there are several others. You can see the weight loss section of Alzdem Health website for more relevant weight loss information for healthy living.

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