How to Take Phentermine 37.5 for Best Results

How to Take Phentermine 37.5 for Best Results

Considering how excess body weight affects people mentally and physically, weight loss is of the essence to such people. This is why a medication like phentermine 37.5 is sometimes approved for use by healthcare professionals.

Just like phentermine 37.5, topiramate is another medication used to resolve obesity. To avoid side effects and get the desired weight loss results, this drug (phentermine 37.5) has to be used in the best way possible. Especially if you plan to lose weight, read on as we fill you in on this.

Get Approval from Your Doctor First

We understand that you are hell-bent on weight loss. Be that as it may, you should not put your health on the line as a result. On that note, make sure the decision to take this appetite-suppressing medication is approved by your medical doctor. Medical doctors and diet experts are in a better position to approve this medication for eligible patients.

The same rule applies when using other appetite-suppressing drugs such as Topiramate. This is so that you avoid the side effects and general downsides of using phentermine 37.5 the wrong way.

If your doctor or diet expert gives the go-ahead to use phentermine 37.5, they also need to prescribe the dose. The dose would be determined by several things including your condition and weight.

You need to adhere to the dose that is prescribed by your doctor. Do not consume any more phentermine 37.5 than what is prescribed by your doctor.

Phentermine 37.5 Should Only be a Part of Your Weight Lose Strategy

Medications like phentermine 37.5 will indeed work well for the treatment of obesity. However, the weight loss approach that you take, should not only center on the use of phentermine 37.5. Other things will also help you achieve your weight loss goals. Some of them include:

  • The right kind of exercise
  • Eating the right diet
  • Proper lifestyle management to help in achieving weight loss goals – Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle option that can be explored for weight loss purposes

So it will take more than just phentermine 37.5 to get the weight loss job done the right way. You also need to pay serious attention to these other things. Especially if you plan to enjoy the weight loss results in the long term, the combination of phentermine 37.5 and all these other things are important.

Understand the Dynamics of the Various Kinds of Phentermine

This weight loss medicine is one of the appetite suppressant drugs available in various forms. The forms of phentermine are:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Disintegrating Tablets
  • Extended-Release Capsules

All the forms of phentermine cannot be used the same way. In light of this, here are a few things to know:


The capsules are to be swallowed with water. Except otherwise prescribed by your medical adviser, between 15 -30 mg of phentermine should be used per day. It is also best to have it an hour or two after you have had breakfast.


The tablets are to be swallowed whole. So, do not resort to breaking, chewing, or crushing them. Your dose should be as prescribed by your doctor and taken no sooner than 30 minutes before eating.

Disintegrating Tablets

Phentermine Disintegrating tablets should be taken with dry hands. This is to ensure the disintegration of the drug does not happen outside the mouth. Except otherwise prescribed by your doctor, you should take one disintegrating tablet per day. It is best if it is taken early in the day (the morning).

Extended-Release Capsules

Extended-release capsules are to be swallowed whole – This is rather than breaking, chewing, or crushing them. Except otherwise prescribed by your doctor, you should take one per day. This is preferably later in the day. However, it should be no sooner than 10 hours before bedtime. This is because of some chemical compositions of phentermine 37.5 that can cause insomnia.


Excessive drug dependency is a potential risk of using drugs like phentermine 37.5. So, you need to use phentermine 37.5 the right way to avoid this potential risk and enjoy the best results.

We have shared some tips to help you get the best of phentermine 37.5, and hope you make informed decisions going forward. You can see health product reviews and information on the reviews section of the Alzdem Health website.

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