When Does Period Weight Go Away?

When Does Period Weight Go Away?

For most women, the extra weight gained during their period should go away a few days after their period. The Time frame is usually between 3 – 5 days. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach as it concerns all females. This is why there are also those to whom this does not apply.

This article will shed more light on this subject and a few other things as it concerns premenstrual syndromes (PMS). So, read on to stay informed.

Weight Gain Associated with Premenstrual Syndrome

For a lot of women and females at large, ending up with more weight is an experience that is normal every month. This is as it is associated with PMS. However, just a few extra pounds are added to their body weight. There are even misconceptions about this. One of such is that face weight increases during this period. This is not clinically proven.

The extra weight happens alongside other symptoms like mood swings, tenderness of the breast, and breakouts. So, weight gain during this period is usually nothing to be worried about.

This is also because it is a temporary situation as the extra weight is merely water weight. The whole point being stressed here is that it would be gone in a few days after you begin your menstrual period. But there may be a need to see your health care specialist if:

  • Bloating associated with weight gain is unbearable
  • The extra weight remains several days after the start of your menstrual period
  • You notice other health issues that are not usually associated with PMS

You should make a serious effort to see a health care service provider if any of this is the case. But speaking of why females usually gain extra weight during their menstrual periods, let us treat that in the subsequent section.

Reasons for Weight Gain During Your Period

Several reasons explain why women and females at large feel heavier during their period. The additional weight is a result of things like:

Hormonal Changes

Other than the effects of PMS, there are normal ways certain hormones operate in the body. This is especially as it concerns hormones like progesterone and estrogen. A significant rise in the levels of both hormones explains how hormonal changes happen.

The increase in the levels of progesterone causes water and fluid retention in the body. This means that water is not dissipated as it normally would and this adds to the weight rating on the scale. An increase in estrogen levels also translates to water and fluid retention as well. This is especially the sort associated with bloating.

The Foods You Eat

When Does Period Weight Go Away?

Females react differently to PMS even though there are clear-cut similarities. For some, a symptom is cravings for certain kinds of food. Usually, these are foods rich in salt and sugar. With the chemical components of such foods, understanding the reason for the increase in weight is not difficult.

By the way, you should be disciplined enough to reduce the intake of such foods. This is especially for health reasons. Such women should also prioritize eating foods that are rich in magnesium during such days.

By and large, eating the right diet will help you lose rather than gain weight. There are even resources suggesting that indulging in intermittent fasting during this period will help. Well, it is best to find out from your doctor who understands your health peculiarities.

Less Exercise

Most women are not in the mood to engage in exercise and physical activities during their menstrual period. For most of them, it is because of the difficulties brought about by their menstrual cramps.

For those bent on achieving weight loss ambitions, exercising during this period is advised. It is also helpful if you do it every day.


There are PMS symptoms that are common and are no cause for alarm. As a result, there would be no need to visit the clinic. Gaining a few extra pounds that would be lost a few days after you start the menstrual period is an example.

But you can also deal with the situation with the right lifestyle approach. Exercising well and maintaining the right diet, especially during this time will go a long way. You can check the weight loss section of the Alzdem website for more weight loss-related information.

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