How to Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism

How to Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism

Body metabolism is one of the several factors that contribute to weight loss or weight gain. Gaining weight will come naturally for those with a slow or low metabolic rate. The same cannot be said about those with a fast or high metabolic rate. Be that as it may, there are still tips to help people with a fast metabolism to gain weight. Let’s go over some of them below.

Increase Your Food Intake

This tip would not sound surprising to many people. This is because there is a link between nutrition and body weight. This is not ruling out the fact that other things contribute to weight loss or gain.

So, eat an increased amount of food. Eating meals more frequently is also advised. So, you do not have to settle for eating just 3 times a day. If you are a person that does not eat so much, here are a few tips to help increase your food intake:

  • Do not take water before eating – It might be best to do that after the meal
  • Eat small chunks now and then – Snacking is not a bad idea
  • Stay off lifestyle habits that suppress your appetite – Smoking is a good example

All these will help underweight people eat more than they would normally eat. So, be practical about these tips. The essence of all these is to feed the body with more calories than it uses.

The excess calories would then add more fat or muscle mass to the body. It is better to gain more weight through additional muscle mass than through the accumulation of fats. This is why the right diet needs to be taken even as you make moves to gain more weight.

In light of this, options such as protein, milk, and several other food classes should make up your frequent meals. This tip is particularly for health reasons. So, the foods need to be aimed at keeping you healthy.

How to Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism

Engage in the Right Exercise

For health reasons, you need to exercise. It helps you retain energy. To add to the list of health benefits of exercising, it can help you gain and keep your weight. But it is also ironic how some exercises make you lose weight. It all boils down to the exercise type and routine that you do daily or every week.

So, make sure to engage in the right kind of body exercise. For example, cardio training is not ideal for those that want to gain weight. You should have your diet expert or doctor offer professional advice in this regard.

Try Out Supplements for Gaining Weight

Whether you are trying to gain or lose weight, there are dietary supplements that can come in handy. For instance, those that need to burn body fats can resort to supplements like Phentermine 37.5. Supplements like these act as appetite suppressants, amongst other roles they play.

On the contrary, some supplements help you gain more body fats. This is strongly recommended for those with metabolism rates that are fast. These supplements contain essential nutrients that will defy the odds, in order to help you gain more weight. You should go for the best of such. Also, make sure you get your doctor or diet expert’s consent before you buy and use any of these supplements.


Have you attempted to gain more weight? Are you frustrated at how there is little or no improvement (even as time goes on)?

It could be because your body’s metabolic rate is fast, making weight gain a daunting task. Thankfully, we have shared some tips that can help you. You can see the lifestyle section of Alzdem Health website for more relevant health information.

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